About us


At Discount Direct, we believe that shoppers should be able to trust the price tag. Just like you, we’re tired of the big box stores that lure shoppers in which malicious marketing and then rip them off at the cash register.

This is why we’ve decided to go another way.

We buy our living room furniture in bulk, directly from the manufacturers — there’s no middle man who’s marking up prices. By buying direct and in bulk we are able to pass fantastic value and savings onto shoppers like you!

Additionally, when you shop at Discount Direct, you will never experience pressure from our staff or promotions to buy on the spot. We believe you should buy whenever you are ready to buy. Which is why our employees are trained to serve the needs of our customers, not to push promotions, and why we keep our prices at the same industry-low cost every day of the year.

Ready to start shopping? You can shop online or in store. We have 6 locations throughout the Seattle area, so odds are, there is a Discount Direct store near you!

People First Commitment

When you visit a Discount Direct location, you will experience the effects of our company mantra, which is: “Always do the right thing.”

From how we train our employees, to our marketing strategies, to the relationships we’ve built with our manufacturers — we always put people first and strive to do the right thing in every aspect of our business.

Our commitment to people has helped us develop a trusted reputation among our customers. Because when they shop with Discount Direct, they know that they will always be able to trust the price tag.


Our commitment to people first touches every aspect of our company culture. From internal communications to community involvement, here is a brief introduction to the values that drive our company forward:


  • Clear, honest pricing that is free from smoke-and-mirrors sales gimmicks.

  • A zero-pressure sales environment where shoppers browse and purchase at their leisure and according to their schedule.


  • Our sales associates are committed to helping shoppers stick to their budgets. We will never over sell.


  • When you walk into a Discount Direct location you are welcomed as if you you were walking into a friend’s house.


  • Discount Direct provides all employees with product training to increase their knowledge and confidence so that they can provide expert service to our customers.


  • When we open a store in a new location, we see that community as our own. Which is why we invest back into our local communities through charitable causes and community activities.